TheSeafood Shack Eat as much as You Like - Or Can

There is nothing better than laughter, good friends, with a good glass of wine and your belly full enchanting seafood

Upcoming Events

Reserve your spot at one of our upcoming Events. Limited seats available.

Public Holidays and Sundays

Due to current restrictions, its BYO on public holidays and sundays. Bring your own coolerbox or drinks and let us take care of the food.


Our Namibian Way

Seafood Shack brings something special and new to the coast of Namibia. Bringing to you a beach braai food experience that is perfectly cooked with camelthorn wood to give you that extra special taste of the Namibian way.

This pop-up restaurant is a new funky way of serving seafood for the whole family. What makes The Seafood Shack one of its kind, is the set up of the endless view from the beach over the great Atlantic Ocean, feet in the sand and the smell of crackling fire and freshest sea food that is being prepared for you to perfection.

“There is nothing better than laughter, good friends, with a good glass of wine and your belly full enchanting seafood “

Our Menu

We do have a well-stocked cash bar with all the favorite beach braai drinks. You can also bring your own wine or beer at the price of the corkage fee at the door

Our menu consists of 11 dishes served over 7 courses which are prepared and presented one after the other as a rolling buffet. you can eat as much as you like – or can! Crayfish & Oysters are additional for those of you who want to go all out! The majority of the dishes is prepared in full view on open fires in front of you – this guarantees off–the-grid-fresh seafood – the only way to do it. Relax, wind down – we eat for nearly three hours! And remember, we will never run out of anything – the worst that can happen is that it is on its way! But please, do not expect hand-crafted crystal glasses, or silver cutlery. You are at the beach, and here we do it as we would along the Namibian Coast- you eat with a mussel shell.

*We donate all food that could not be finished to seriously needy families in the area. Nothing goes to waste here

“There is nothing better than laughter, good friends, with a good glass of wine and your belly full enchanting seafood “

  1. Pot Bread, with farm butter and jam/preserve.
  2. Mussels & Mussel Meat in shell steamed to perfection with onions in white wine source. Need to keep the shell as your spoon
  3. Namibian Snoek & Catch of the day braaied with peach jam and with Sweet potato– Namibian style
  4. Seafood pot with 4 types of fish,calamari strips, mussels and catch of the day in rice. Garden Salad & Vegetable Dish
  5. Meat Potjie(for those who don’t eat seafood and we support the local farmers)
  6. Water Melon & Sweet Melon or Tropical Fruit (slides down your throat)
  7. Coffee and Koeksisters– (sorry – we do not do tea!)


  1. Catch of the Day– with onions and oil/butter- the chef will say
  2. Galjoen / Tuna – braai’d on open fire with fried with onions, garlic and butter (this is how it should taste)
  3. Crayfish – taste the sea!
  4. Oyster - Best Oyster in the world!

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu during the week Mon – Fri from 11 to 3pm

  1. Fish En Papilotte – whole fish on bed of vegetables N$ 135
  2. Surf & Turf Combo – Steak & Seafood N$ 160
  3. Mixed Seafood Pot on Rice – N$ 135
  4. Fish & Chips – N$ 100
  5. Po Boys Fish Sandwich N$ 80


We also specialize in private functions, End of Year or Christmas Parties and theme can be arranged, like Pirates, Fun on the Beach, Hawaiin, Beach Party, etc. Please call us for booking.

Function more than 25 people need to be booked in advance!

Sundowner Dinner Prices

  • N$ 350 per Adult
  • N$ 290 per High School Kid
  • N$ 220 Primary School kids
  • N$ 120 PRE Primary School Kids
  • N$ 0 – 3 Years & Younger eat for FREE

Pre order Drinks Voucher online


  • N$ 100 for Crayfish / Rock Lobster
  • N$ 20 Per Oyster


Where to Find Us